Efficient Hiring during the Pandemic: How Apple Avoids Mass Layoffs and Stands Out Among Tech Giants

  • Hamish MacGregor
  • Feb 13, 2023
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Efficient Hiring during the Pandemic: How Apple Avoids Mass Layoffs and Stands Out Among Tech Giants

Amid the current slowdown, tech companies such as Amazon, Google, and Meta resort to mass layoffs. However, Apple remains steadfast with its workforce, avoiding massive cuts in staff. The secret to Apple's success is its efficient hiring policy during the pandemic, resulting in the company generating more revenue per new hire compared to its peers.

The Numbers Don't Lie

According to Bloomberg's data, Apple added fewer employees than other big tech firms during the pandemic-fueled hiring spree. Consequently, the company's headcount increased by only 20% from 2020 to 2022, in contrast to Alphabet's 60% gain and Amazon's near-doubling. It turns out that Apple's cautious approach paid off. Its quality management avoided hiring too much during the pandemic, preventing it from dealing with the aftermath of layoffs.

Beyond Headcount: Efficiency Goes a Long Way

The company's efficiency goes beyond hiring policies. Apple also generates some of the highest sales per square foot, indicating effective resource allocation. The company's frugal nature is partly the reason for this success, as management stewards shareholder dollars and focuses on investing in growth opportunities.

Apple's Strategy: Hire Smart and Efficient

Apple's strategy is hiring smart and efficient while keeping a lid on spending. The company announced plans to shore up its human resources by hiring its first chief people officer, indicating that Apple is focusing on retaining top talent. The HR duties used to be overseen by retail chief Deirdre O'Brien in a dual role.


In summary, Apple's efficient hiring policies have saved the company from the mass layoffs that its rivals are experiencing. Its frugal nature and effective resource allocation have paid off during the pandemic. Apple is smart and efficient when hiring and retaining top talent while focusing on growth opportunities. As a result, Apple stands out among its tech peers, and its quality management signals the right signals during the pandemic.

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