Mastering the Mulligan and Thornton Challenge in Alan Wake 2

  • Hamish MacGregor
  • Nov 09, 2023
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Mastering the Mulligan and Thornton Challenge in Alan Wake 2

Embarking on the eerie journey of Alan Wake 2, players are bound to face their share of harrowing encounters, and the confrontation with the corrupted deputies Mulligan and Thornton stands as a notable test of survival. This guide will navigate you through the dark forest and into the clearings of victory, providing a strategy to triumph over these formidable adversaries. Engage with a calm and methodical approach, and you'll find the rhythm to overcome the odds stacked against you.

Understanding Your Enemies

As you step into the clearing that hosts your next trial, it's crucial to comprehend the behavior and attack patterns of your foes. Mulligan and Thornton, cloaked in the shroud of darkness, will relentlessly pursue you, each with their unique combat style. Thornton, armed with a sniper rifle, takes aim from a distance, while Mulligan prefers a close-quarters approach with his shotgun. Your success depends on dealing with the darkness nodes scattered around the area, for as long as they remain, these deputies will keep returning, more relentless than ever.

Strategic Engagement

Rushing headfirst into the fray to destroy the darkness nodes is a fool's errand. Thornton's pinpoint accuracy and rapid shots will make short work of your efforts. Instead, patience is your ally. Listen keenly for the sound of his rifle being cocked and prepare to dodge—once, twice, ensuring you evade the incoming danger. Then, return fire, preferably with your pistol, which should be adequately upgraded by this point in the game. A few well-aimed shots will cause Thornton to retreat, granting you a brief window to address the nodes.

Methodical Node Neutralization

With Thornton momentarily at bay, turn your attention to the nodes. You can typically eliminate two or three before Mulligan steps into the fray. This opponent requires a different tactic; if you possess the sawed-off shotgun, it's time to let the power of your own firearm speak. Otherwise, keep relying on your trusty pistol. Once Mulligan dissipates, continue your methodical removal of the remaining nodes, but stay vigilant for Thornton's return.

The Final Confrontation

As the last node crumbles, your adversaries will confront you together, yet without the support of darkness, they're finally vulnerable. If you've come prepared with a propane tank, this is the moment to use it. A well-placed shot to the tank as they emerge from the well can end the confrontation explosively in your favor. Lacking this resource, focus first on Thornton; his ranged attacks are a greater threat. With constant movement, you can dodge Mulligan's advances and, once Thornton is down, the battle is almost yours.

Sealing Your Victory

As Mulligan stands alone, your victory is within reach. Maintain your composure, keep your distance, and your arsenal will carry you through. Remember that strategy trumps brute force, and with the right approach, even the darkest foes can be overcome. Congratulations, you've not only survived the encounter with Mulligan and Thornton, but you've also mastered it, proving once again that light can prevail in Alan Wake 2's shadowy world.

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