Mastering Weapon Enhancement in Destiny 2: Top Strategies for Elevating Your Arsenal

  • Isla MacDonald
  • Nov 06, 2023
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Mastering Weapon Enhancement in Destiny 2: Top Strategies for Elevating Your Arsenal

As guardians explore the far reaches of space in Destiny 2, they find themselves in possession of an array of sophisticated weapons. The introduction of the crafting system in the Witch Queen expansion has added depth to the gear enhancement experience, allowing players to reshape and refine their armaments to an unprecedented degree. However, the journey to fully unlock the potential of these crafted weapons requires a dedicated approach to level them up. Let's delve into the most effective methods to power up your arsenal and ensure you're prepared for any challenge the universe throws at you.

Unlocking the Power of Crafted Weapons

The allure of crafted weapons lies in the ability to customize and tailor their perks to fit your playstyle, pushing these tools of destruction to their pinnacle. But before you can reshape your weapon with new perks, you must first gain experience with it. The process is straightforward: use your weapon consistently in combat scenarios to accrue experience points (XP) for it.

Top Farming Spots for Weapon XP

To streamline your weapon leveling, here are some of the most efficient farming locations that seasoned players swear by:

  • Grasp of Avarice Dungeon - Cosmodrome: For those with access to the 30th Anniversary pack, this dungeon offers a unique twist on the infamous Loot Cave from Destiny's past. While the dungeon itself is a treasure trove of experience, the initial stage provides a continuous flow of adversaries that spawn endlessly as long as you don't deposit Cursed Engrams. Although the XP gains may diminish over time, the convenience and repeatability make it a prime spot for weapon progression.
  • Shuro Chi Encounter - Dreaming City: A segment of the Last Wish Raid, the Shuro Chi encounter is renowned among the community as a premier XP harvesting ground. The consistent wave of foes makes it ideal, though reaching this point requires navigating the Raid's preliminary challenges. Once at the encounter, wiping before completion and establishing a checkpoint enables you to return at your leisure for more experience farming until the weekly reset.
  • Dares of Eternity Playlist: Accessible to all players, this activity doesn't necessitate owning any expansion pack. Although you'll be sharing the battlefield with other players, the sheer number of enemies and the rapid pace of the activity means there's plenty of XP to go around. This is a solid choice for those who want to progress without additional content purchases.

Are Crafted Weapons Worth the Effort?

One might wonder if the time invested in leveling crafted weapons is worthwhile — the answer is a resounding yes. The power to select and modify perks allows players to adapt their weapons to suit their needs, making crafted weapons a formidable addition to any Guardian's arsenal. This flexibility ensures that your weapons remain relevant and potent, regardless of changing game metas.

Navigating the Weapon Leveling Journey

The path to enhancing weapons in Destiny 2 may appear daunting at first glance, but it's a journey that naturally progresses as you engage in the game's various activities. By incorporating the aforementioned farming spots into your routine, you can efficiently level up your weapons while enjoying the diverse experiences Destiny 2 has to offer. From the adrenaline-pumping challenges of Raids to the communal battles in playlists, every moment spent with your weapon in hand contributes to its growth and, ultimately, your mastery over the game's vast arsenal.

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