Kristala: A Cat-Themed Soulslike Adventure Prepares for Early Access Launch

  • Isla MacDonald
  • May 29, 2024
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Kristala: A Cat-Themed Soulslike Adventure Prepares for Early Access Launch

Cat-themed adventures with a Sekiro twist crafted by developers passionate about Bloodborne are poised for their initial early access launch soon.

Kristala, a new action RPG with elements reminiscent of Souls, casts players in the role of a cat-like humanoid. Its arrival in early access is scheduled for the coming week.

Revealed just a few hours ago, Kristala is set to make its Steam Early Access entrance on June 6, boasting immediate Steam Deck Verification. The launch trailer for Kristala's early access phase was just shared, showcasing what many would term a ‘cat Soulslike.’

In this game, players embody a youthful cat warrior on a quest to utilize the might of six ancient Kristals spread across a grim fantasy realm. This notably includes engaging in combat with numerous humanoid rat foes. These adversaries, once gentle, have been transformed into ferocious creatures by a mysterious curse, prompting an investigation into their origins.

The trailer provides a clear glimpse into why Kristala is likened to a Soulslike game, though a more apt comparison might be to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The forthcoming early access title integrates similar movement mechanics as seen in FromSoftware's famed title, allowing for seamless navigation on tightropes and tactical descents upon adversaries for silent eliminations.

If your interest in Kristala still hasn’t been piqued, it's worth mentioning that its developers have expressed a deep fascination with Bloodborne to GamesRadar+. While awaiting the unlikely Bloodborne remaster, immersing yourself in a game heavily influenced by FromSoftware's 2015 classic could be quite rewarding.

While Kristala is preparing for its Steam Early Access launch on June 6, its complete release is anticipated in 2025. Upon its eventual release, it will be available simultaneously on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Adding Kristala to your Steam wishlist is a smart way to stay updated on its progress.

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