Netflix CEO Believes Barbie and Oppenheimer Could Have Thrived on Streaming Platform

  • Hamish MacGregor
  • May 30, 2024
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Netflix CEO Believes Barbie and Oppenheimer Could Have Thrived on Streaming Platform

Netflix's Chief Executive Officer sees no hindrance to Barbie and Oppenheimer achieving immense success on Netflix. Ted Sarandos expressed his viewpoint on the two cinematic phenomena, suggesting their potential for huge success had they premiered on Netflix.

Barbie amassed over $1 billion globally, and Oppenheimer dominated the 2024 Oscars. "Both films would have been perfect for Netflix," Sarandos mentioned in a discussion with The New York Times. "They certainly would have garnered an equally vast viewership on Netflix. Thus, it's unfounded to assume that specific movie genres are more or less suited for streaming. The notion that a film's value is somehow tied to the size of the screen it's viewed on doesn't hold water for everyone. For instance, my 28-year-old son, who works as an editor, watched Lawrence of Arabia on his mobile phone."

He further stated, "Yet, this points to a broader narrative. Each technological advance brings benefits for viewers."

The simultaneous release of Barbie and Oppenheimer, quickly dubbed Barbenheimer, turned into a social spectacle. The two distinct films paired for a unique cinema experience. The shared release date made theater viewings particularly momentous, a dynamic unlikely replicated through streaming despite potentially matching viewer counts.

Looking ahead, Netflix is set to introduce a packed lineup featuring Squid Game season 2, the remaining episodes of Bridgerton season 3, and the first two parts of Cobra Kai season 6, among other titles expected in 2024.

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