Saints Row Reboot Reportedly Sold 1.7 Million Copies

  • Hamish MacGregor
  • May 17, 2024
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Saints Row Reboot Reportedly Sold 1.7 Million Copies

Saints Row, potentially the poorest performer in its series, apparently sold only 1.7 million copies according to the LinkedIn profile of Tyrin Stevenson, who previously worked at developer Volition as a social media and community manager. Timur222, an X user, brought the sales details to light. Stevenson's tenure at Volition lasted from May 2022 until the company closed in 2023, and the game's underwhelming sales figures likely contributed to the studio's demise.

Originally, the latest Saints Row game represented a significant shift for the franchise, introducing a new cast and setting, along with a distinct mood and theme divergent from its predecessors. However, there were reports in November hinting that there had been plans initially to bring back beloved characters like Shaundi, Dex, Aisha, and Johnny Gat. These plans were ultimately rejected by Deep Silver, opting instead for the reboot, which may have impacted the game's reception and sales.

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